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Raising funds and giving back

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of meeting hard-working individuals who dedicate their lives to some pretty inspirational causes. The fundraising business allows us to be a part of great organizations, if only for a brief chapter in their overall story. Here are some of the groups that we have worked with to do fundraisers as well as groups that we have donated our bags to in order to help their cause.

Great Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs

Girl Power 2 Cure

Girl Power 2 Cure is a fabulous organization dedicated to finding a cure for Rett Syndrome, a debilitating neurological condition that largely affects women. The inspiring team behind the scenes at Girl Power 2 Cure has motivated groups across the country to raise awareness about the disease and to help fund research labs that are getting closer to finding a cure every day! From princess marathons to gardens of hope, Girl Power 2 Cure sheds colorful light on a disease that has often been left in the dark. More at and click here to read more about Girl Power 2 Cure.
Great Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs

San Mateo Girls' Soccer Team

Mixed Bag Designs is a proud sponsor of the San Mateo girls' soccer teams in the Ayso Region #36. Last season both the Yellow Jackets and the Pink Scorpions had great seasons and we look forward to their upcoming season! Let's go ladies!
Mixed Bag Designs Donations - Strides for Life

Strides for Life

This non-profit organization is dedicated to the early detection and prevention of colon cancer. Inspired by the late Dylan Cappel who passed away at 23 (while training for the 2004 United States Olympic Rowing Team no less) from colon cancer, Strides for Life hopes to one day eradicate this disease. Activities include educational programs, screening efforts and improving risk-reduction strategies. Mixed Bag Designs is a proud sponsor of their efforts and has been involved with the organization and its annual walk-a-thon. More at
Great Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society: Team in Training

Team in Training participants across the country have raised over $1 billion to fund lifesaving cancer research. We are proud to help many training teams raise funds for their big races and ultimately to support cancer research. This woman's story is one of struggle and will. She not only battled cancer and won, she has become a road running champion by completing two marathons and is currently training for her third. Read more about Team in Training and Mixed Bag Designs. Learn more at
Great Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs

Grades of Green

Mixed Bag Designs is proud to partner with Grades of Green, a truly eco-fabulous organization that promotes green living with fun activities geared towards schools. They offer creative ideas for promoting environmental protection habits and have helped transform over 100 schools. MBD is proud to work with Grades of Green and to be a part of their effort to promote sustainable living. Learn more about the Grades of Green partnership and find more info about the organization at
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Parca's mission is to enrich the lives of people with developmental disabilities and their families. Parca is a local organization near Mixed Bag Designs headquarters that provides a variety of programs and services to support disabled people and their families. Programs include adult training sessions, child care programs and additional family support services. Mixed Bag Designs is proud to offer their bags as giveaways for a fundraising event. Learn more about the organization's work and mission at
Great Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs

Second Harvest Food Bank

The Second Harvest Food Bank is a local organization right in our backyard. It is one of the largest food banks in the country and is a leader in our community. They promote and provide nutritious meals to low-income people throughout Santa Clara and San Mateo counties in California. Each year, we donate our grocery bags to Second Harvest in the hopes that we can help a great cause go green in style. The volunteers use our bags to transport and distribute meals. Learn more about the organization at
Great Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs

Animal Rescue Groups

Mixed Bag Designs has worked with many animal rescue groups to help raise funds to support the medical bills, food, shelter and general care that goes into maintaining a safe and successful animal rescue organization. The Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue was one such group that shared their story with us. Learn more about the animal rescue group's efforts and their tireless volunteers here. Find more information about the group on their website at
Great Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs

Diabetic Alert Dogs for Children in Need

Diabetes is a dangerous disease that has very unsettling consequences. Diabetic Alert Dogs offer security paralleled to the security blind people feel with a seeing eye dog. Diabetic Alert Dogs are trained to detect and alert changes in blood sugar and can have a significant impact on a diabetic's life. We worked with the Emery family to help raise funds for their diabetic alert dogs. Read more here.
Great School Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs

Litter-less Lunches at Schools in Ridgefield, CT

The Green Village Initiative in Ridgefield, CT launched efforts to promote green living and sustainable habits throughout their community. The initiatives include school and community gardens, litter-less lunches and activity-based curriculum to introduce environmental efforts early in schools. Our reusable lunch bags were a great way to help promote the litter-less lunch and other green initiaves in the schools. Learn more about the Ridgefield Green Village Initiative
Green Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs

Why Reusable Bags?

Every day we learn more about the impact we have on our environment. Mixed Bag Designs' reusable bags are made from partially recycled plastic (the same plastic used in yogurt cups!) and are recyclable themselves in any place that accepts #5 plastics. Using reusable bags is a great way to cut down on waste and we like to add fun designs to make sure you won't forget those bags at home! Read more about Reusable Bags here.